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The Root Creek Water District provides municipal water, wastewater, and storm drain utility services for the Riverstone development area.  The District completed a Rate Study and Financial Plan to fairly determine the costs and rates for each type of utility service.  In accordance with the Plan, rates were established via public process in November 2021. The District has adopted the following rates for 2022.
Municipal Water Rates*
Effective Date
Jan 1, 2022
Fixed Meter Charge ($/month)
1-inch or 1 1/2-inch
Metered Water Rates ($/ccf)
Tier 1: 1-10 hcf
Tier 2: greater than 10 hcf
Municipal Wastewater Rate
Effective Date
Jan 1, 2022
Monthly rate per equivalent dwelling unit
Municipal Storm Drain Rate
Effective Date
Jan 1, 2022
Monthly rate per dwelling unit
*Municipal water rates include two components: 1) a fixed monthly charge based on the size of the water meter, and 2) volume rates charged based on metered water use.  The volume rates apply to each cubic foot (ccf) of water used; one hundred cubic feet (hcf) equals 748 gallons.
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