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Naturally occurring Iron and Manganese are found in groundwater. The Root Creek Water District is required by state regulation to add Chlorine to drinking water. Unfortunately, Iron and Manganese can react with Chlorine to produce color in water.

Iron and Manganese are minerals found in nature and are not harmful to humans. The District samples and evaluates these levels regularly to ensure that water meets requirements for drinking water standards.

Yes, colored water is a common problem in multiple water systems. Not all the homes in the Riverstone Community have experienced colored water.

  • A permanent solution will be in place at the end of 2025.  The District is building a $25 million water treatment and blending facility to address the issue.  The facility is paid for by the developer, builders and municipal bonds, and is not funded by residential bimonthly charges.
  • In the short term, the District is decreasing the amount of Chlorine in the water system to decrease the potential for colored water.
  • Freshwater is being flushed into the system on a regular basis to decrease the interaction with Chlorine. You may see our field staff flushing water from hydrants in the neighborhood to keep water moving and decrease the amount of time Chlorine may interact with minerals.
  • The District brought a new water supply online through a new groundwater well which contains less Iron and Manganese to address the problem long term.

No, colored water and/or Chlorine will not damage your plumbing.

  • Over time, water softeners will create additional costs for homeowners to clean up the residue left behind. Water softeners increase salt levels in Riverstone wastewater.
  • The use of water softeners interferes with wastewater processes, making it difficult for the District to stay in compliance with regulations. Being out of compliance will result in fines and upgrades to the system, and these costs are paid by homeowners.
  • Wipes do not break apart in water like toilet paper. They easily clog the sewage pumps used to pump wastewater to the treatment plant.
  • Removing the pumps to clear a clogged impeller can cost the District thousands of dollars each time.
  • Remember that additional costs to maintain the wastewater system become the responsibility of the homeowners.

Instead of water softeners, residents can consider a water conditioning system that does not remove beneficial minerals and doesn’t use salt, like the EcoWater EcoProTechT Series. These systems prevent scale by converting minerals into a form that does not stick to plumbing fixtures.

Please call the Root Creek Office at (559) 255-2305 and report the issue. Please provide your name, address, and contact information so that we may address the issue.