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The Root Creek Water District provides agricultural water service and municipal water, wastewater, and storm drain utility services for the Riverstone development area. The District completed a Rate Study and Financial Plan to fairly determine the costs and rates for each type of utility service. In accordance with the Plan, rates were established via a public process in November 2023. The District has adopted the following rates for 2024.

Table 1: 2024 Rates, Fees, and Assessments

 Unit Cost (U.S. Dollars)Unit
Agricultural Benefit Assessment Rate$37.98Per acre
Agricultural Groundwater Recharge Fee$125.61Per acre-foot of water
Agricultural Surface Water Charge$178.22Per acre-foot of water
Municipal Wastewater Rate$97.66Bi-Monthly rate per dwelling unit
Municipal Storm Drain$13.99Bi-Monthly rate per dwelling unit

Table 2: 2024 Municipal Water Rates

Fixed Meter Charge ($ / Bi-Monthly)

1-inch or 1 1/2-inch $74.04
2-inch $118.46
3-inch $236.93
4-inch $370.20
6-inch $740.40

Metered Meter Rates ($ / ccf)

Tier 1: 1-20 hcf $3.10
Tier 2: greater than 20 hcf $4.55

Root Creek Water District Municipal Service Application

Fill out the form below and email to